How to work with John Xiang Architect

John Xiang Architect, AIA designs each custom home according to specific needs, site condition and custom budget. That is, we start designing your home by let you telling us how you want in your house.

First, let’s start your preliminary design

To start with, the architect will provide schematic design with 3 drawings: first floor plan, second floor plan and front elevation. At beginning of work, the customer typically would pay a non-refundable deposit.

Next Step: The home builder would come up a good faith estimate of construction costs

With the preliminary design drawings, the homebuilder should be able to come up with a good faith estimate of construction costs and work on other parts, such as financing issues.

Next Step: Custom Home Design Finalization

In this step, the architect will develop a full set of working drawings and will make adjustments to the preliminary design. This set of working drawings is only for the purpose of obtaining the building permit. Therefore, the builder will typically budget the architect’s costs into his construction cost estimate.

Now your house design is finished and you have accomplished one of big tasks of getting your house built in your own way.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact John Xiang Architect, AIA

Note: All home builders have different ways to work. The above steps are proven workable with builders I have been working with in the past. These steps are only suggestive and summarizes a long story short. In all, John Xiang Architect is willing to work with you to make your projects successful.




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